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20180213 AOTG Client version 1.2.18035.4001

For supporting new AutoCount database schema

20180126 AOTG version 1.15 ; AOTG Client version 1.2.18002.1001 and 1.2.18002.2001

New Features 1. Stock Receive 2. Stock Issue 3. Stock Transfer 4. Good Received Note Changes 1. Tax code to be defaulted to debtor/creditor tax code, follow by item tax code and last only company default tax code. 2. Default line location to document sales/purchase location. 3. GL reports to support project and department 4….

20171228 AOTG version 1.14 ; AOTG Client version 1.2.17558.1288 and 1.2.17557.0503

New Features 1. Support Project and Department in sales and purchase document, stock adjustment, journal and cash book entry. 2. Price Category Maintenance 3. Filter Sales Order listing by status Changes 1. Price Category added to Debtor and Creditor 2. Show Price Category of Debtor and Creditor in document creation Bug Fixes 1. BOM item…

20171115 AOTG version 1.13

New Features : Default location and document number format, Show credit balance of debtor/creditor when creating document, Enhance Bar Code Entry, Allow admin to hide cost element for stock reports.

20171101 AOTG version 1.12 ; AOTG Client version 1.2.17268.1338

New Features : Filtered by Agent, hide/show dashboard for user, Support Debtor Area, Allow searching of stock item by Bar Code, Azure Traffic Diagnostic Tool

20170907 AOTG version 1.11 ; AOTG Client version 1.2.17222.1020

New Features : Cash Book (Payment & Receipt Voucher), Journal Entries, Document with different document number format, Option to POST/NOT POST to GL or Stock

20170807 AOTG version 1.10 ; AOTG Client version 1.2.17186.0125

New Features : Set default to inclusive/exclusive of tax, Double discount in document item, Inquiry Feature for Account, Stock Item, Customer Sales and Supplier Purchase
New Reports : Creditor Aging Report

20170628 AOTG version 1.9 ; AOTG Client version 1.2.17174.1531

User Access Right to see Purchase Document in instant info, User Access Right to modify unit price, User Access Right to cancel/un-cancel document

20170621 AOTG version 1.8

Function Access Control

20170610 AOTG version 1.7

Stock Card Report, Stock Item Profit Margin Report, Read only document mode

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