New Features

  1. New Documents Added
    – Sales Quotation
    – Request Quotation
    – Purchase Order
    – A/P Payment
    – Stock Adjustment
    – Delivery Order
    – Debit Notes
  2. New Reports Added
    – Monthly Sales Analysis
    – Profit & Loss of Document
    – Price History
    – Top Bottom Sales Ranking
    – Monthly Purchase Analysis
  3. Creditor Maintenance Added
  4. Admin modules added
    – Credit Note Type
    – Debit Note Type
  5. Display currency code and decimal based on setting retrieved from AutoCount.


  1. Creation of Debtor – Credit Term will be retrieved from AutoCount setting.
  2. Creation of Document with Items – Item Location NOT mandatory.
  3. Creation of Stock Item – Item Type and Item Group NOT mandatory.
  4. Include shipping information in document creation.
  5. Menu – Reorganized to group menu item more logically.
  6. Desktop User Interface – Slider to hide menu bar for bigger data entry space.
  7. Mobile User Interface – Consolidate and re position of action buttons to save more space on screen for displaying other information.

Bug Fixed

  1. Fix Data Entry problem when using Firefox Browser.
  2. Handling of concurrent login from different devices