New Features
1. Cash Book (Payment & Receipt Voucher)
2. Journal Entries
3. Allow user to create document with different document number format
4. Option to POST/NOT POST to GL or Stock

1. Added configuration of setting for Cash Book and Journal Entries
2. Menu bar “Reporting” change to “General Ledger”

Bug Fixes
1. Receipt Date in Multi Payment screen Cash Sales should default to Cash Sales Document Date.
2. ToBankRate and ToAccountRate should re-calculated when document currency changed

The following features will have issues if AOTG Client is not updated to the latest:

  • Transactions will always POST to GL or Stock. The check box on screen for user to choose will NOT work.
  • Cash Book and Journal Entries will NOT work.
  • Documents created will always be the default number format instead the format selected by user on the screen.