Least Impact Online Solution


AutoCount On The Go (AOTG) build on top of robust, trusted and proven AutoCount Accounting engine. With existing AutoCount setup, AOTG will allow you to be more competitive by accessing company information and perform operations anytime anywhere.

  1. For existing AutoCount users at HQ will still be using  AutoCount Accounting Windows Application.
  2. Mobile users (such as sales person, business owner and manager) and remote users (who not in same office network) will access to company information via AOTG website (http://www.aotg.cloud).


The solution allow you to gain Online Capability for your business with least impact to your existing business operation.


Easy Setup


There is no additional software and hardware require. No IIS setup, No DDNS setup, No extra firewall configuration required. A wizard based installer will guide you through the installation process. Only a Window Service into your AutoCount server. A user friendly windows is provided to configure and activate your license.


Data Ownership


You own your data. Your Accounting and Billing data always with you in your premises. No one will be able to access to your full accounting data without your permission.


Support Multiple Platform


You can easily access your HQ Server Account via any browser by using your PC, laptop, tablet and also mobile phone, regardless you are using Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, Android or IOS.




You will be charged on monthly subscription basis. You DO NOT need to invest huge amount of money to gain online capability by subscribing to AOTG.